What is TechyTots?

TechyTots provides Schools and Nurseries with Award Winning Coding Sessions. TechyTots brings together technology and play to introduce children to coding. We are the very first class of this kind and our aim is to work on the first steps of coding with children at a young age to help prepare them for the technical world we now live in whilst making it fun. Coding for those who do not already know is a set of instructions for a computer or device. In our sessions, we encourage children to do this by using robots and the most advanced toys available on the market. We also use unplugged play and activities which encourage problem solving skills and sequencing which are not only educational but lots of fun too!

What does TechyTots deliver in schools?

We have a few options for schools; these are Creative Coding Days, Breakfast and After School Clubs, Lunch Clubs and PPA Cover.

Does our school need any special equipment to have TechyTots in our school?

TechyTots does not require any equipment from your school, we provide everything we need to run our sessions.

What kind of space do we need to run our sessions with in school?

TechyTots can run classes in large classrooms, school halls or libraries. If you contact us we can help with an appropriate space.

How does TechyTots support the coding curriculum?

TechyTots follows the computing national curriculum but we deliver it with hands on play and fun activities.

How can I get a quote to have TechyTots run in our school?

Please email your local franchisee to receive a price list for our sessions. If you are unsure of who to contact please email contact@techytots.co.uk and we can help sign post you.