Sutton and Cheam

Hi, I'm Julie I am a mum to two teenage girls. 

I am experienced with working with children, previously in a primary school & more recently in a crèche. I really enjoy working with children and helping them learn.

From my experience with my children going through the school system, I know that coding has never played a huge part in their learning experience.

Given the importance of technology in the work place I believe it should have a more prominent role in the education system. This is why I'm so excited and passionate about TechyTots. Helping children learn and develop skills to help them through school and beyond.

At TechyTots we deliver a variety of carefully planned activities where children can explore a range of technical toys, games and activities which enable them to learn the basic skills of coding and explore STEM in a fun and engaging way.


I have been running TechyTots Sutton and Cheam since 2018 and am delighted to have the opportunity to become a Director of TechyTots and help shape the future of the company.  

Meet Karis our Class Leader.

Karis runs lots of our classes, Karis is passionate about helping children learn and has experience working in a day nursery and also volunteers running a local Rainbows group alongside her TechyTots classes. 

TechyTots Sutton and Cheam
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We are Hiring. 

We are always looking for enthusiastic staff to join our team. For more information please contact

We run classes at various schools in Sutton, Cheam and surrounding areas.
We also run Saturday classes and school holiday classes in Sutton. 

We use Class for Kids for easy and secure online booking. 

To find you local class and to book your space please click the link.