How can TechyTots Help Schools 

Most teachers do not think they have the right skills or tools to teach coding to children, according to research by BJSS and YouGov.

The study found that 67% of teachers in the UK believe they cannot teach coding effectively to schoolchildren.


​This is where TechyTots can help, we offer a range of opportunities for schools to incorporate Coding into the curriculum effectively. 



In School Creative coding days

Creative coding days are where we visit the school for the whole day and work with a number of different classes. Children work with different activities, to help develop, Mathematics, Literacy, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Team Work, and problem solving skills.  Working with Robots which are designed to teach children coding skills. We are able to incorporate termly topics into our classes.

PPA Cover 

TechyTots are able to come into school and offer a coding class leaving teachers free to do their PPA work.  We work in line with the national curriculum and are able to track students work as well as incorporate termly topics into our classes.

Breakfast or After school class

In our breakfast and after school classes, we visit the school and run our classes as an extracurricular activity. These can be our normal sessions, or themed around topics the children are currently studying.

For more information on how TechyTots can help your school please get in touch. 

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