Hi I’m Vicki I’m a mum of two boys teenage boys I’ve been a childminder for the past 10 years and a beaver scout leader for five years.


Working with Early Years Stage Foundation and Key Stage 1 and 2 children. I understand play is the build block of learning and how important it is in a child’s development.

I was aware of the learning gap in coding and how vitally important it was to find those early learning opportunities.


TechyTots introduces STEM and coding in a creative, fun, learn through play experience.


It encompasses my beliefs to bring creative thinking and vital skills to children in a fun environment.

It introduces children to the digital future, giving them confidence and the skills putting them in control. I am thrilled to be bringing Techy Tots to Leeds.

TechyTots Leeds
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We run classes at various schools in Leeds and surrounding areas.
We also run School holiday classes in the local area. 

We use Class for Kids for easy and secure online booking. 

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