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Why is Coding Important?

There are few better ways to prepare your children for the future than to teach them how to code! As children learn how to code, they develop academic skills, confidence, and perseverance.

Learning to code is a great way for children to build math skills, write, and build confidence while having fun!  Coding is a basic literacy in the digital age, and it's vital that children have an understanding of the technology around them. Children should learn coding from an early age in order to have valuable computing skills in the future. With a high demand for workers in the tech industry, learning coding from an early age will help them immensely.

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TechyTots combines technology and play to introduce children to coding. We are the very first class of this kind and our aim is to work on the first steps of coding with children at a young age to help prepare them for the technical world we now live in. We offer fun and engaging classes!

Our sessions are designed to have a hands-on approach to learning by using robots and other advanced toys, allowing children to engage with all the equipment and be safe. In addition, we use unplugged play and activities to help develop problem-solving and sequencing skills that are educational and fun!

We provide all the equipment, just come along & have fun!

By learning to code, you will be able to unlock transferable skills such as: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Sequencing, Concentration, Confidence.

We are all about learning through play, and our franchisees and experienced staff members will help you at any time.